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We Are The

Always Breathtaking

Alpha Beta Chapter of

Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated.

Located on the Wayne State University campus in Detroit, MI

5221 Gullen Mall Rm. 351 Detroit,MI 48202

Interested in a diverse sisterhood?

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Theta Woman

Loyal to the cocoon
From where she comes 
The Theta Woman rises out of a lavender dawn 
To proudly bridge the gaps in her world 
With her butterfly wings 


With honesty and courage 
She lives and loves without conditions 
Surrendering to her beauty and power 
She gives and receives freely 
Remembering her vision, her purpose, her heart 


Creator of her own definition 
She inspires those around her 
To be proud and selfless 
To give unselfishly over and over again 


Loving herself as she loves others 
The butterfly transcends 
Taking others with her in her flight 

- Soror Ayodele Carroo, Alpha Chapter, Spring 1998

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